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. . . to join me on a journey down the path of Self and Spirit through the creative and expressive arts.

This site includes descriptions of various lectures, workshops, seminars, and processes related to the creative and expressive arts offered by Dr. Scott. Alongside these descriptions are examples of art, poetry and writings created by Dr. Scott, her students, workshop or research participants, and clients. You will find Dr. Scott's resume, a bibliography, and quotes from colleagues and workshop participants. This web site is designed to nurture and encourage those with no background in the arts, as well as providing links to related educational sites.

About Dr. Ericha Scott

Dr. Ericha Scott has 30 years of professional experience working with those who have multiple addictions and complex trauma. As a first year professional in 1985, her clients had the lowest recidivism rate of any therapist in a 200 bed hospital. As the trauma therapist for Sierra Tucson she was granted The Alumni Recognition Award. Over the last 30 years she has published research in peer review journals on self-mutilation by dissociative disordered individuals, her theory of creative arts therapy for trauma and addiction, as well as the psychology of human slavery and ritual cults.

Dr. Scott has run a graduate program in psychology, worked as the clinical director for several treatment centers, taught medical doctors how to provide art therapy for physical illness, and she has hosted her own TV show for 2 years.

In California Dr. Scott, also known as E. Hitchcock Scott, holds licenses as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #917, and as a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She is a board certified registered art therapist and a registered expressive arts therapist.

Dr. Scott, who is also an artist, a certified interfaith spiritual director, and a Reiki Master continues to contribute to the fields of addiction and trauma with a deep sense of passion and commitment.

Dr. Scott’s Office

The practice of the creative arts is available to the general public for personal growth, to develop creativity, and to facilitate a closer connection to self, others and a higher power. It is also an effective modality of counseling for those struggling with addictions and dual diagnosis.

Although licensed in four states, in California her place of residence, Ericha works only with addicts and their family members.

Please review Workshop descriptions for more information.

For the purpose of this site, the word “art” is used loosely to include all of the expressive arts: imagistic, dramatic, literary and musical modes of expression.

"The Condor Who Swallowed the Moon," by Ericha Scott, PhD, copyright 2012
"The Coyote Liminal Transformer: Revealing All That is Hidden" by Ericha Scott, PhD, copyright 2013

Important Note:

Dr. Scott is able to adapt the following workshop goals and experiences to the needs of your organization and workshop participants. The creative arts are an extremely versatile tool that can be used for educational, organizational, counseling, and therapeutic purposes, as well as for the purposes of personal growth, spiritual development, and mentoring. Please contact her if you need assistance, 310-880-9761.

Dr. Scott is licensed in four states. In California, Dr. Scott holds the credentials of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (License No. LPCC917 - Active Status), and the Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (a California non-governmental license - Active Status), as well as the certification for addiction treatment CADC-II, by the CCBADC. In Arizona she holds the credentials of (LPC and LCDC - Active Status), New Mexico (LPC- Active Status), and Texas (LCDC - Active Status). Although most state licensing boards have made accommodations for visiting professionals and professors, due to different parameters of practice for various licenses, not all workshops are available in every state. Dr. Scott is a board certified registered art therapist (ATR-BC), a registered expressive arts therapist (REAT), and a nationally certified counselor (REAT). She is also a certified Interfaith Spiritual Director.


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