Art Therapy Modalities | Collage

Collage is a very simple way to select and arrange images, so simple that it is an exercise used effectively by psychotherapists who are not trained art therapists.

Collage materials may include: actual or photocopied photographs (of the client, family or friends), magazine photos, paper, tissue, found objects - from nature or urban settings, and sentimental objects. Collage can be portrayed on a flat surface such as paper, added to the surface of a sculpture, and it may be mixed with other media such as paint.

Choosing images and arranging them can be a less daunting first step than actually making images, as it reduces anxiety about ‘artistic performance’. It also has a ‘distancing’ effect in that the images chosen may, but do not have to, relate to the person who chose them. For instance, it may be easier to choose ‘angry pictures’ from magazines than to paint a picture of one’s own anger. Difficult topics may sometimes be approached indirectly in this way. (Liebmann, 1986, p. 204)



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