Lola ~ Barbara Hall

From the artist: Lola is my crone, wise woman speaking the truth. Her mouth is the mouth of a strong animal spirit who is called forth to speak her truth as she ages. She has no fear and is connected to her animal/instinctual self which is rooted in the earth /goddess. The volcano in the background represents time and the natural curative process. The tree goddess on the left represents the magical beauty of new life with the hummingbird's blessing.

Expressive Arts Therapy Training ~ Dr. Scott provides monthly expressive arts training seminars. The purpose of this training is for the participant professionals to gain an understanding of the theories and practice of a variety of creative healing arts.

The Creative Path ~ The expressive arts are a particularly potent tool for clarifying and creating a vision map of your future. This proactive, experiential workshop, embodies the theories of several leaders in the field of creativity, including Carl Jung, Robert Fritz, Rollo May and Julia Cameron. We will integrate these theories with techniques such as life-sized silhouette mandalas, blind contour self-portraits, sculpture and genograms.

Shadows on the Wall: Silhouettes of Self ~ The life-sized silhouette mandala is a method of art therapy adapted and developed by Dr. Scott for her work with addicts and their family members. Referencing the work of Virginia Satir and Carl Jung, the process explores archetypes and ego-states. The silhouette provides a mirror for self-reflection for those in recovery from chemical addictions, in much the same way it does for those with eating disorders. In this case, the client draws a life-sized silhouette in order to map the intrapsychic relationships of the ego-state system.

Haikus & Shadow Boxes ~ Haikus: Blending the oriental tradition of poetry writing and painting, this experiential workshop is designed to honor the cycles and stages of life. Shadow Boxes: A Representation of the Body/Self - Inside and Out. Description: Shadow boxes or object-boxes have been used throughout history by artists, especially those in the surrealist movement.

The Artist's Way ~ Dr. Scott provides a once a month educational art experiential workshop. This workshop is offered to cultural creatives, practicing or recovering artists, or folks from any walk of life who want to explore their creativity. The art experiential classes have been designed to compliment the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

The Body as Testament: Self-Mutilation ~ A lecture/training and workshop based upon Dr. Scott’s research findings from a phenomenological study of chronic self-mutilation by adult women. This workshop offers insight and solutions.

The Eleventh Step ~ A workshop designed for recovering addicts and their loved ones. Many, not only addicts, struggle with establishing and maintaining conscious contact with a Higher Power of their understanding. In this workshop we will explore the eleventh step of Alcoholics Anonymous, with art.

Body Image Workshop ~ The goal of this workshop is to explore and honor your body image self-perception with journal writing, dialogue, sharing with others, authentic movement, painting life-sized silhouettes, blind contour self-portraits and meditation.

Wearing the Face of the Other ~ A mask making workshop designed for the purpose of identifying and addressing issues of cultural and sociological differences. This workshop is very provocative, allowing each individual to confront themselves as the person, people, class, race, religion or ideology they fear or hate. Each workshop participant will dialogue with the integrated face, an image of self painted to resemble the face of the other, with the goal of gaining insight and compassion.

Important Note:

Dr. Scott is able to adapt the following workshop goals and experiences to the needs of your organization and workshop participants. The creative arts are an extremely versatile tool that can be used for educational, organizational, counseling, and therapeutic purposes, as well as for the purposes of personal growth, spiritual development, and mentoring. Please contact her if you need assistance, 310-880-9761.

Dr. Scott is licensed in four states. In California, Dr. Scott holds the credentials of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (License No. LPCC917 - Active Status), and the Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (a California non-governmental license - Active Status), as well as the certification for addiction treatment CADC-II, by the CCBADC. In Arizona she holds the credentials of (LPC and LCDC - Active Status), New Mexico (LPC- Active Status), and Texas (LCDC - Active Status). Although most state licensing boards have made accommodations for visiting professionals and professors, due to different parameters of practice for various licenses, not all workshops are available in every state. Dr. Scott is a board certified registered art therapist (ATR-BC), a registered expressive arts therapist (REAT), and a nationally certified counselor (REAT). She is also a certified Interfaith Spiritual Director.


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