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Blind-contour self-portrait
Blind Contour Self-Portrait; a drawing technique that allows clients to process grief and loss.

Integrating the Monster Within: An Art Experiential Weekend Workshop

The expressive arts are a unique, fun and creative way to explore culturally imposed negative self-perceptions. The goal of this workshop is to explore and honor your body image self-perception with journal writing, dialogue, sharing with others, authentic movement, painting life-sized silhouette mandalas, blind contour self-portraits and meditation.

The environment is safe, supportive, and respectful of the boundaries of modesty, with no diagnoses, critiques or interpretations.

The last day of the workshop participants will create personal shrines. The intent of the shrines are to integrate and heal cultural wounds with regard to appearance.


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In all the years I’ve been a therapist, I’ve yet to meet one girl who likes her body. Girls as skinny as chopsticks complain that their thighs are flabby or their stomachs puff out. And not only do girls dislike their bodies, they often loathe their fat. They have been culturally conditioned to hate their bodies, which are after all themselves. When I speak to classes, I ask any woman in the audience who feels good about her body to come up afterward. I want to hear about her success experience. I have yet to have a woman come up.

~ Pipher (1994, p. 184)

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