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Shakti, by Ericha Scott
Shakti ~ Ericha Scott, 1998
An Introduction to the Theories and Practice of Creative and Expressive Arts Therapies

“. . . Dr. Scott facilitated a wide range of art experiences with a focus on personal process. In every case Ericha has provided extensive resources from her own experience as an art therapist, and from her professional library. Her insight is deep and consistent, as is her ability to guide us in the self-discovery inherent in the use of art process. She has the gift of knowing when to speak, and when to be silent.”

~ Eleanor Dart, CPC

Dr. Scott provides monthly training seminars at the Malibu Art Barn, Sycamore Farms. The classes, an introduction to expressive arts therapy, are limited to seven participants and a 12-session commitment is required. The purpose of this training is for the participant professionals to gain an understanding of the theories and practice of the creative and expressive arts.

Participants in this experiential seminar will practice techniques such as blind contour self-portraits, life-sized silhouette mandalas, prayer sticks, sand play, sculpture, collage, Haiku poetry and shadow boxes. While this seminar is designed to allow for personal process, the goal is for educational purposes only.

The fee for this group is 85 dollars for each individual per session, and because we meet so rarely (once a month), and to ensure a good attendance (since our group is small), the fee is charged whether you attend or not.

I provide art supplies. While the ones I supply are fine for workshops many participants prefer their own brands or mediums. Most participants bring pastels, oil or chalk. I supply magic markers, craypas, crayons, colored pencils, butcher block and construction paper, Prang watercolors, glue and glitter. I recommend that participants bring their own paper. Large smooth watercolor paper (about 22" by 28"), acid free is preferred.

This is an exciting class with rich interactions. Please call if you are interested. I offer a free meeting for any prospective students. My office number is 310-880-9761.


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